21.08.2014 - Blog

Today we take the plunge and show you how to navigate the minefield that is this polarising look. We’ll explore and advocate ways to pull off double denim that help bring the aesthetic bang up to date and will ensure you don’t fall needlessly foul of a major fashion faux pas.

Look One: Contrast Shades

The most successful way to wear double denim is to opt for contrasting shades. The polarised tones make it easier to pull off the look, with the differing washes drawing attention away from the similarity of the fabric.

With this in mind, select a darker hue (bordering on black) for your jacket and couple with lighter wash jeans. Pairing a denim jacket with jeans often works better than using a shirt, largely due to the fact that the proximity of a trouser and jacket combination can be broken up by another piece.

The timeless white crew neck tee plays this role perfectly in the ensemble below, and we complete the look with some retro style running trainers.

An effortless introduction into the world of double denim for novices:


Look Two: Shirt & Jeans

Take more of a risk with your foray into double denim by replacing the jacket with a shirt. Less traditional and slightly more difficult to pull off, make sure you keep one of the washes unconventional.

We would suggest something along the lines of grey/white jeans teamed with a standard blue/indigo shirt. Again, contrasting shades make the concept an easier proposition than if you were mixing standard or similar coloured denim washes.

Layer a bomber or leather jacket over the top to play on the rugged, masculine nature of the aesthetic before finishing with some Chelsea boots to create an ideal look for a night out:

Look Three: An Injection of Colour

Colour has established itself as a key part of the modern man’s wardrobe. The monopoly of monochrome is coming to an end and nowhere is it more welcome than in the realm of double denim.

With differing shades an essential part of a well-curated double denim outfit, the explosion of coloured denim over the past few years offers a plethora of new ways to construct your take on the look.

Burgundy doesn’t stray too far away from the menswear comfort zone, and the hue is shaping up to be a major player again this autumn/winter. With this in mind, incorporating it into your denim-heavy attire shouldn’t present too much of a challenge, colour wise.

Get creative with your layering by wearing your standard indigo denim jacket underneath a single-breasted overcoat, with a casual shirt providing the base. During the colder months, your denim jacket is versatile enough to be utilised as either a top or, as in this case, middle layer.

Accessorise the outfit with some stylish leather gloves – match the leather to your footwear to show you pay attention to the finer details.

Finish with a smart pair of leather Derbies for a look that not only makes good use of colour and texture, but also incorporates some interesting layering techniques, too:

Double-denim is no longer the danger zone it once was and this presents a strong look for the casual occasion.