Men’s T-Shirt Prints: 2014 Part 2

8.10.2014 - Blog

City/Place Name References

Another print style that appears to be trending within both high-end and high street collections is that of city/place reference graphic tees. Between the usual NYC, London, Tokyo, Paris and Milan references that make the rounds due to their obvious fashion links are cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and Dublin as well as summer destinations such as Santa Cruz, Hawaii and Rio. The print has certainly enjoyed a geographical expansion for the SS14 season. Have a look at Eleven Paris collection if your are looking to rock this trend.
High fashion designs have a somewhat reserved feel, often featuring toned down illustrations/graphics or typography, which makes them great for adding some simple detailing to your off-duty looks and enables them to transition effortlessly through to autumn/winter.
On the other hand, the high street has, by and large, taken the opposite route – the majority of styles feature bolder graphics and photography that is designed to grab the attention. These are probably more suited to the spring/summer season, where colour reigns supreme, but both styles will add a point of interest to casual looks, especially artfully done jeans and tee ensembles.



American Sports Heritage

Wether it be baseball, basketball or american football, american sports inspired tee shirts “with numbers” are super trendy this summer. Many celebs are wearing them to support their favorite team. This sporty fever is also invading catwalks and streetstyle blogs this winter.




The current industry obsession with floral print presents us with a new opportunity to push our style boundaries and stand out from the crowd. 

Banishing all thoughts of gaudy shirts circa 1980 and approaching them with an open mind is imperative. Thankfully a floral tee isn’t as loud as, say, a pair of trousers or a full suit in the print and with the t-shirt being such a casual piece their boldness is immediately toned down slightly.
The eye-catching nature of floral print can be neutralised further by utilising your tee as an under layer with lightweight knitwear or a jacket worn over the top. That being said, a simple t-shirt and neutral jeans/shorts/chinos combination provides just the right amount of statement without becoming garish or over the top.
After all, ‘wacky’ slogans and uninspired graphics appear to be the go-to option for many sartorially challenged men, making your choice of floral a much more stylish statement among the sea of tees.

Check out Death by Zero and Scotch and Soda if you are looking for flower prints.


Parental Advisory Explicit content

We know what “freedom of speech” means... but what about the “ freedom of printing ” ? Hot prints showing naked women , sexual statements and gestures are also a big trend this season. Mixed with a nice pair of vintage denim will leave everyone else speachless. 

Check out Cotton Criminal or Boombap if you like your tee shirts to stand out!