Men’s T-Shirt Prints: 2014 Part 1

21.08.2014 - Blog

The reach of print and pattern is seemingly endless. Designer collections have been inundated with them for a number of seasons now and they’ve been rapidly applied to everything from shirting and footwear to tailoring.

It comes as no surprise that this trend has reached t-shirts – although not in the more generic form of slogan-laden and graphic tees that are available year in, year out. This year’s offering is supported by vibrant, all-over prints ready to pep up your off-duty ensembles.

From floral to animal, menswear’s bold turn continues as print looks to supersede plain and simple in the t-shirt department. Today we tackle the current top five t-shirt prints you should be considering for your wardrobe for the remainder of 2014 and the transition into 2015.

Animal Motifs

We kick things off with one of the most daring prints to infiltrate collections this year: animal. Much like floral, animal print has long remained the domain of our female counterparts, yet more and more
On the subject of animal, it’s not just prints that have been advocated by the industry, but motifs as well. Everything from lobsters to lions has made the cut. The origins of this mini trend can be traced back to the now iconic Givenchy ‘Rottweiler’ t-shirt – which has been spotted on the likes of Kanye West and Usher– with variations now trickling down to the high street:

The range of styles encapsulates everything from statement baroque pieces to more subtle motifs set against plain, neutral backdrops. Whichever direction you take, it will help inject a focal point into any look, especially if worn simply with a pair of shorts or trousers.
They work exceptionally well under a plain bomber or leather jacket for a rough and ready streetwear-inspired ensemble:



Give an almighty nod to nautical this season with these maritime-inspired prints. As a trend, nautical refuses to die down, and like military it enjoys peaks in popularity but will always have a place in our wardrobes due to its influence on many menswear staples.
This more literal interpretation is fronted by graphic motifs, especially anchors, which have been applied to tees, shorts, jewellery and knitwear – proving it is one trend that can be worn all year round.
Anchor and general maritime prints are extremely versatile and work well in any casual ensemble. They don’t make the statement that animal print does nor are they as fresh as floral but they are incredibly easy to wear. Requiring very little thought, they will inject a touch of detailing and character into any outfit.
These prints are also very easily dressed up, especially when Riviera favourites are incorporated – think navy blazers and slim white trousers.

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Sticking with the nautical theme, stripes have been big news within the industry this year. Of course, a classic Breton tee will never go out of style, but for SS13 stripes dominated collections in every manner possible. With the nautical influence remaining as popular as ever, stripes continue to be an integral part of this aesthetic.
When it comes to printed tees, horizontal remains top of the pile – although size and colour aren’t so entrenched. Standard Breton and navy/white stripe versions are no longer your only option, though they do possess a genuine timelessness so shouldn’t be disregarded all together.
Big and bold variants are worth looking into for those that want to stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, muted stripes that step away from the traditional navy/white palette are great for giving your casual looks a subtle, understated spin.
Stripes are a print that can be easily styled up, especially when applied to a t-shirt. Stripes work flawlessly with a blazer, especially when the nautical influence is prevalent.
Their versatility should not be underestimated and, ultimately, it makes them a great option for those who adhere to the capsule wardrobe concept.

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To be continued…