23.04.2015 - Blog

I always thought of myself more as a heels person, but as of lately, with all this athletic trend happening and the invasion of sneakers and cool flat shoes of all sorts, I feel going for the comfy casual cool shoe rather than the glam sky high heels. Although never ever on a night out or on those sexy as fuck days we all need to have. 




2015 Spring & Summer seem to be all about shoes I swear, and that my friends, I LOVE. More so, this year’s hot season is focusing so much on casual, relaxed, laid back, by-the-beach looks. Even if you don’t live by the beach, you can still do this summer’ish Mediterranean style as if you’re some posh boho chic gal on a yacht somewhere kicking it back Riri style.

Or we’ll just pretend our bathtub is like this coastal pool somewhere in Greece or Italy. Doh.

And now let’s grab a cold refreshing cocktail, sit by our pools and talk about ESPADRILLES. What do you make of this canvas shoe with rope sewn into soles?





With designers and high street giving the crowd what they want (the espadrille) no wonder the brilliant minds making us spend and spend and spend on clothes and shoes are giving us a Heaven Espadrille: all colors are in, prints and patters, brights, nudes, pastels, blacks, whites, thin or thick soled, and also made of any fabric not just canvas – leather, lace, or both. And if you think this shoe is too… meh, plain. Think again. Errr Chanel, Tory Burch and tons of other massive designers have jumped in on this trend. 




And the better just keeps getting better. (1) It’s a shoe for both men and women. And (2) It’s got that beach vibe to it, but it goes great in the city as well. Everyone with a penchant for fashion is living in these shoes right now regardless of being in New York, LA or Australia.






Why is this shoe so big right now?

Maybe we all wanna have a bit of Mediterranean close by. Maybe we all just wanna move by the sea. Or maybe fashion has just had it with the TOO much in everything, and women are just sick of looking like we’re trying so hard, when in fact we don’t give a crap. We all just wanna feel comfy AND look fabulous, and up to now this just seemed like tres impossible to do. Well… boys and girls, not anymore.

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